3rd sector organisations have long had a reputation as a seat of forward thinking and liberal inclusion: transgender awareness and inclusion is important to the sector reputationally and in practice. Building actively supportive and confident environments for trans staff and service users has the potential to build the network of people supporting your work and broaden the range and depth of ideas your organisation has access to. Transgender people have deeply meaningful experiences surrounding health, violence, gender and the climate, all of which could be pivotal to improving and growing your work by thinking and acting with intersectionality in mind. A women’s health campaign that doesn’t include trans women is, for example, far less wide reaching and impactful than one that does.


Emma has worked with a number of 3rd sector organisations, including People & Planet, Tidal and Friends of the Earth; experience which includes charity board membership and time spent as both a LGBT and an environmental activist.

As a result of these experiences, Emma is deeply familiar with the risks and insecurities of the sector, as well as with its positive drivers. 


Emma can deliver half or full day training sessions for third sector staff, tailored to the needs of your campaign or staff team. 

After the training has been completed, you will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the legal, medical and person terminology around transgender experiences
  • Recognise the importance of transgender people in your working and political environment
  • Understand the common problems, barriers and risks that transgender people face 
  • Apply an understanding of these barriers to your work
  • Support staff in their transition at the workplace
  • Respond effectively and sensitively to issues raised by staff, volunteers or supporters of your work
  • Create organisational policy on transgender inclusion and engagement 

Emma’s additional range of public sector consultancy services include:

  • Strategic advice on inclusive HR, service delivery and communications
  • Project management
  • Equality objective setting
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Complaint and incident reviews


Emma was a fantastic teacher who I found it easy to engage with. I attended a large workshop they ran with people at varying levels of understanding of trans issues. Despite that, no-one was left behind, and I learned a lot I didn’t already know, despite having a decent understanding of the subject already.
They were not only knowledgable and engaging, but approachable too, and I felt more than comfortable discussing personal aspects of the training with them afterwards. I would absolutely recommend Emma for anyone looking to raise their awareness of issues relating to equality, inclusion, and support for the LGBT community.
— Stephen Paton (Young Friends of the Earth Europe)