Public sector organisations such as local councils should be at the forefront of transgender awareness and inclusion as important representative bodies. Other industries will look to the public sector for guidance on best practice, meaning that it is increasingly important that managers and staff leaders are well trained and prepared for what transgender equality looks like across local and national government work. Good transgender inclusivity will have an impact on the language used in and outside of offices; the way in which public data is stored and protected; support services from human resources teams; and public relationships.


Emma’s experience working for and knowledge of local government enables them to work effectively with public sector clients to adopt a trans-inclusive approach to the way they employ people, develop policies and practices and deliver services.


Emma can deliver half or full day training sessions for public sector staff, tailored to the needs of your authority or staff team. Emma has previously delivered training to Learning Improvement teams; Sports & Recreation centre workers; ward members; Human Resources teams; and libraries staff.   

After the training has been completed, you will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the legal, medical and person terminology around transgender experiences
  • Recognise the importance of transgender people in your working and service environment
  • Understand the common problems, barriers and risks that transgender people face in the workplace and wider world
  • Apply an understanding of these barriers to your work
  • Support staff in their transition at the workplace
  • Respond effectively and sensitively to issues raised by staff or service users 
  • Create organisational policy on transgender inclusion and engagement 

Emma’s additional range of public sector consultancy services include:

  • Strategic advice on inclusive HR, service delivery and communications
  • Project management
  • Equality objective setting
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Complaint and incident reviews

In being proactive and securing high quality transgender training now, you can transform your organisation into a sector leader. 


I recently participated in Emma’s workshop on gender and climate change. I found the workshop to be informative, interesting and lots of fun! Emma is a truly inspiring person who created a very supportive environment that allowed participants to ask the tough questions and to share personal experiences. As a social worker I was shocked at how little I knew about gender issues and this workshop has had a dramatic impact on my professional practice and how I interact with people in my personal life. Emma was flawless in their approach to delivering this workshop, their wonderful personality was a very welcome addition to my experience. I believe that workshops such as these are essential to every workplace, youth or community group and I cannot recommend them enough! If Emma is ever in Ireland I will definitely be booking them to come and speak at my workplace and the voluntary groups I am involved with.
— Triona, Social Worker (Cope Galway Homeless Services); Outreach & Activism Officer (Friends of the Earth Ireland)
During Emma’s time working for Leeds City Council they were a very active member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* (LGB T*) Staff Network committee taking on specific responsibility for the development of Gender Identity awareness courses and engaging with both senior managers and leaders within the organisation.

During this engagement Emma provided strong insight in the wider needs and challenges of the Trans* and non-binary community both in accessing services from the council, and as colleagues within the organisation, which has provided a positive impact and beneficial outcomes in laying the groundwork for the Staff Network to take forward in representing and improving experiences of colleagues and service users.

Emma continues to use this knowledge and experience working with the councils LGB T* Community Hub group, directly with the Gender Identity working group focusing on improving the experience of Trans* and non-binary citizens of Leeds.
— Rob Wilson, LGB&T* Staff Network Coordinator (Leeds City Council)