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Full-Day Workshops

5 to 7 hour training sessions

Full-day workshops take the basic primer of half-day sessions and expand on them in a way specific to your business or organisation. Staff who receive training a full day session will leaving both more confident and more comfortable on the topic of transgender awareness, and able to securely manage the needs of transgender and non-binary people in a wide range of professional working environments.

After the training has been completed, you will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the legal, medical and personal terminology around transgender experiences
  • Recognise the importance of transgender people in your working and service environment
  • Understand the common problems, barriers and risks that transgender people face in the workplace and wider world
  • Apply an understanding of these barriers to your work
  • Support staff in their transition at the workplace
  • Respond effectively and sensitively to issues raised by staff or service users 
  • Create organisational policy on transgender inclusion and engagement 


Is a workshop not what you're looking for? I also offer 1-to-1 and group consultancy to turn theory into practice. I can help develop your workplace’s transgender guidance and policy documents, equipping your organisation with safe and trustworthy procedure to support staff. I support businesses to develop compliance plus procedures and bring them out as sector leaders in transgender awareness and support.  

My range of consultancy services include:

  • Strategic advice on inclusive HR, service delivery and communications
  • Project management
  • Equality objective setting
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Complaint and incident reviews


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