The education sector is potentially the most significant to consider when building transgender awareness and support. Education professionals work with vulnerable children and adults every day, supporting them through often turbulent and difficult times in their lives. Increasingly, people are beginning to explore their gender identities at younger ages. Where the average age of coming out and transition used to be in an individual's 50s, children of primary school age are now beginning to explore and express trans gender identities. This positive phenomenon necessitates support and knowledge from those working in education, whether within teaching staff or from the leaders of schools and universities. Providing resources and care during schooling can make all the difference to the wellbeing and confidence of a trans person moving forward in their lives, and build the reputation of your institution as accessible and inclusive.


For two years, Emma worked as a member of staff for the University of Leeds Educational Outreach team, and saw first-hand the benefit of positive engagement of LGBTQ and other vulnerable students. Positioning schools and universities as safer spaces for trans individuals guarantees positive community response and provides access to the wealth of intelligence and experience that organisations may have previously missed out on due to non-engagement.


Emma can deliver half or full day training sessions for education sector staff, tailored to the needs of your organisation or staff team. 

After the training has been completed, you will be better prepared to:

  • Understand the legal, medical and person terminology around transgender experiences
  • Recognise the importance of transgender people in your educational environment
  • Understand the common problems, barriers and risks that transgender people face in accessing education and support
  • Apply an understanding of these barriers to your work
  • Support transgender students or staff in their transition at school or at work
  • Respond effectively and sensitively to issues raised by staff or students
  • Create organisational policy on transgender inclusion and engagement 

Emma’s additional range of public sector consultancy services include:

  • Strategic advice on inclusive teaching, service delivery and communications
  • Project management
  • Equality objective setting
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Complaint and incident reviews

In being proactive and securing high quality transgender training now, you can not only transform your working environment but also make a real difference to the lives of your students and staff. 


I knew Emma by their excellent professional reputation and committed activism before I had the pleasure of knowing them as a friend. It is rare you encounter a person whose professionalism, academic rigour and human empathy all excel in equal measure, but with Emma, that’s who you have.
As an educator myself, I know that finding the balance between informing, challenging, and guiding is a complex art. Emma understands this too, and works with this in mind to achieve lasting and impactful learning. What’s more, they’re a committed learner themselves. I’ve regularly witnessed them striving to meet a challenge.
— Sophie Collins, Higher Education Practitioner