Emma Simpson

Emma Simpson
Trans Trainer & Consultant working across the UK



UK-born, but a resident of more than 5 countries in 25 years, I've been campaigning for the rights of the international LGBTQ community to which I belong all my life. 

A visual artist, activist and creative speaker, I care deeply about creating links between sectors. I have broken new ground for trans awareness training as part of the delivery team for the first recognised CPD course on the subject for adventure instructors, and have launched two creative projects exploring trans experiences and the body.



As an experienced policy writer and accomplished public speaker, I know how to transform opinions and achieve the goals of your movement.

Whether you want to up-skill your frontline staff to support trans service users or understand the connection between queer identity and climate, I can create a bespoke session perfect for you. 



Client Reviews

Emma is a truly inspiring person who created a very supportive environment that allowed participants to ask the tough questions and to share personal experiences. Emma was flawless in their approach to delivering the workshop and their wonderful personality was a very welcome addition to my experience. I believe that workshops such as these are essential to every workplace, youth or community group and I cannot recommend them enough!
— Triona Reid, Outreach & Activism Officer, Friends of the Earth Ireland
I would absolutely recommend Emma for anyone looking to raise their awareness of issues relating to equality, inclusion, and support for the LGBT community.
— Stephen Paton, Online Content Editor, The National
As an educator myself, I know that finding the balance between informing, challenging, and guiding is a complex art. Emma understands this and works with it in mind to achieve lasting and impactful learning.
— Sophie Collins, Education Practitioner